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Golden Ears Carpet Care – Residential Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Cleaning Services in Langley. Commercial Carpet Cleaning also available.

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Question No 1.

Why should I have my carpet professionally cleaned?

Answer: First, for sanitation: A clean carpet makes for a healthy home and work environment. Second, for maintenance: A clean carpet will last longer than a soiled carpet. Abrasive dry soil that your vacuum cleaner cannot remove will scratch and abrade the yarns. Many new carpet warranties require professional cleaning and even specify the 'hot water extraction system' Golden Ears Carpet Care uses for the greatest soil removal. Third, for appearance: Spots and soil buildup is unsightly and embarrassing. Your trained, experienced, professional from Golden Ears Carpet Care uses the finest products and equipment available for the best spot and soil removal possible. Many carpet manufacturers recommend professional over 'do-it- yourself' cleaning because of the potential problems that can occur from using rental equipment -- such as yellowing, overwetting, fiber tip damage, severe resoiling and overuse of detergents.



Question No 2.

How often should my carpet and upholstery be cleaned?

Answer: Your cleaning frequency is dependent on a number of factors including your lifestyle, kids, pets, color choices, housekeeping, and home entertaining, to name a few. Bear in mind that once a carpet LOOKS dirty, you've left the carpet too long. It will be difficult or impossible to restore your carpet to an as new appearance at this point. A good rule of thumb is to clean all carpets AT LEAST once per year. Some high use areas such as family rooms, dinettes, halls, stairs and baths may require cleaning more often. Do not hesitate to ask us what we recommend for your home.



Question No 3.

Will cleaning my carpets with your 'Hot Water Extraction System' make them re-soil quicker, shrink or mildew?


Answer: The rinsing action of OUR CLEANING PROCESS leaves no residue to attract soil any faster than it did before cleaning. It is the low cost companies who run the cleaning solution through the wand that will leave a sticky residue, causing your carpet to resoil MUCH more quickly. Proper training, techniques, products and equipment are your assurance that maximum soil removal will be accomplished with no such problems.



Question No 4.

Do you guarantee to remove all the spots and stains?


Answer: We have great success with most spots. A spot is something foreign on the carpet or upholstery that can be removed. A stain is something we call a spot after we have exhausted all removal possibilities. It's impossible to predict the outcome prior to cleaning so we cannot guarantee total stain removal. Can I walk on my carpet right after its been cleaned? Yes you can. We recommend you walk in white socks and be careful not to slip as you walk from the damp carpet onto hard floors like vinyl, wood or tile.



Question No 5.

How long will it take to dry?

Answer: It varies between 6 and 24 hours for total drying. In cold weather turn your heat up and ventilate the house somewhat with exhaust fans and some windows open slightly. You can open the whole house during hot dry weather. Air conditioning helps during humid days. Blow air across the carpet with portable fans and ceiling fans. The ideal inside temperature is 22°C or warmer regardless of weather.



Question No 6.

Can a carpet cleaning professional properly clean my carpet for $69.95?


Answer: Probably not. Cleaning techniques play a crucial role in cleaning effectiveness and detergent residues left behind. Less expensive companies' techniques leave large amounts of residue in the carpet that may cause rapid re-soiling or oxidation of the fiber. Many of these "$99.95 Whole House Specials" require the cleaner to work on a volume basis, cleaning as many as 10 houses in a day, just to turn a slim profit. Consider the cost of chemicals used (if any), the advertising costs to find his/her customers, gasoline, travel between jobs, labor, and possible bank loan payments for equipment. Now do you think you're getting a quality carpet cleaning for a hundred bucks? A number of our customers have tried other carpet cleaners after us - only to return to us the next time! They realized the difference in quality and service. Just remember if a price seems to good to be true, it probably is! Oh, and these other guys....they rarely leave your home with just the $100.00 they quoted on the phone. There are all sorts of other fees and costs they'll add on - not to mention the high pressure upselling.



Question No 7.

How much will it cost?


Answer: Carpet cleaning prices are based on the square footage of area cleaned. If you know the ACTUAL MEASUREMENTS of the rooms to be cleaned we can give you a fairly accurate price. We try very hard to not present any surprises when it comes to our price quoting, and we have ABSOLUTELY NO HIDDEN FEES the only extra charges may be for biological spot treatments (pet urine, body fluids, etc.) or severe odour treatment. In most cases we try to avoid these extra charges.



Question No 8

Do you offer any carpet cleaning discounts?


Answer: Yes we do, by referring your friends and family you have the ability to receive discounts on your future carpet cleaning needs. There is even the opportunity that you could have your carpets cleaned for free. Please see our referral program for more details.


Question No 9.

Has your question not been answered?


Answer: If you have a question that has not been answered please feel free to contact The Golden Ears Carpet Care Team at 778-654-2199 or at Email Us!


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